listen: understand any language instantly

now listen to the same story
what new information can you add to your notes?

listen: legalisation of marijuana

What laws might be changed? Where?
What are the arguments put forward by those who oppose the change and by those who are in support of it?
Do some more research on the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana use.
Why do you think people have such strong opinions on this issue?

Learning styles

Check your learning style here

Learning styles - presentation of the VAK model

Click on the link below to watch an introduction of the VAK model:

What suggestions does the video give to each learner type?

Learning style

A lecture on memory models

Click on the link below to watch an extract from Garnet Education's new Progressive Skills in English Level 3 DVD. A lecture on memory models.
See page 12 in your course book - 1.2 Ex C (2 -- Matching)

Memory game

Take a look at this website:

They have four levels of memory games for adults and you are on level 4 (the most difficult), can you complete a level 4 game? If not try one of the other levels by looking at the column on the left hand side.

Experience vs memory

The original is here on the TED site

Take notes and think about the following questions:
1. What did you think of the speaker's ideas?
2. What main points does he make?
3. Do you agree with his ideas?
4. What makes you happy or satisfied in your life?

All that is left are memories......

This week you are going to do a practise presentation using power point will which will be given on Thursday. It is NOT assessed.

Take a look at this video on remembering the major events in world history:

1. Take note of the first 10 dates that appear on the video - they'll be a test in class!

2. Choose one of the events from the video to present to the class (e.g 1941 December 7th = Pearl Harbour, 1912 April 10th = Titanic)
Everyone will be doing a different subject so you MUST check with the teacher BEFORE you start researching.

You need to research the following information, each piece of information is the equivalent to one power point slide:

Background of country
Background of main figure (person) or an important person involved in the event
Details of the event
Consequences of the event

Anything else you wish to add/you deem relevant

One main function of the brain is remembering and forgetting.

What other main functions does the brain have? Give some examples
What is the cerebrum? What kinds of things does it control?
What is the difference between the left and the right side?

Our brain controls our body but what happens when one or the other stops working as it should?
What can you find out about Alzheimer's? (Give 5 facts)
Can you find out about any other forms of dementia?

Sometimes our mind remains well and active but our body does not. Read the following article about a British man called
Tony Nichlinson who suffers from locked in syndrome:

We will be having a discussion about this in class later.

watch: what we're learning from online education

listen and take notes that may help you with your essay, such as:
information about what has been happening in education recently ie. problems
examples of people who could benefit from online learning
advantages or disadvantages of online learning

Recording The Untold Stories Of China's Great Famine

by Louisa Lim
listen to the radio report:
What is Shu Qiao investigating?
What has he found?
What points are made regarding remembering and forgetting?

watch: Gaming to Re-engage Boys in Learning

Behind the News: cyber-bullying