Week 3 Assessment Task: Student Survey

  • In a group, write, design and conduct a survey
  • As a group, present your findings to the class using diagrams and charts.

Presentation structure

this will not be assessed

  • welcome / introduction
  • background (start with a question + provide some general background)
  • AIM/OBJECTIVE of your research
  • outline

  • method(or procedure)
    • What you did
    • How you did it (tools/questionnaire design)
    • Who / how many respondents you surveyed
  • findings(or results)
    • Think about how to group your ideas when presenting findings

  • general comment on and interpretation of results
  • recommendations based on findings/conclusions and/or final comments

Useful language

construct/design (v) a survey
conduct (v) research / a survey
collect/analyse (v) data

What we wanted to know/find out/discover/determine was ....
What we found was ....

The graph shows that...
We can see from the graph that...
It can be seen from the graph that...
What the graph shows is that...

Using Excel to make graphs:

If you don't know how to make a graph using Excel then look at this example of 'how to' from youtube.com


Alternatively there are many programmes on the internet that make charts for you - just put it into google!

Model Presentation


Ideas for Presenting Data

Visit the following website and read the pds document for some good ideas on how to present data using graphs.


Some ideas for surveys

  • How much of students time is spent online and how do they spend it. (+ subquestion - do they think its too much / aware of risks?)
  • International students in Australia - how do they rate their experience? (accommodation/transport/school/cultural differences/visa process...)
  • How healthy are Discover students? (Ask them questions to assess their knowledge of nutrition / their habits...)
  • The profile of Discover students (origin/background data/future plans/pathways...)
  • Discover students learner styles and preferences
  • How do international students choose a language school?

What you will be assessed on

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Ability to design an online survey to answer a specific research question
  • Ability to write appropriate questions using an appropriate question format
  • Ability to group and categorize questions
  • Ability to give clear instructions to respondents
  • Ability to analyse survey results and present these results in an informative and logical format
  • Ability to illustrate findings
  • Presentation skills: presentation structure - signalling - body language - delivery and fluency - language skills

Week 4 Assessment Task:

  • Individually, write up the research report based on your survey


  • Introduction: background + the aim of the research
  • Method: how the research was conducted
  • Findings: what the results were
  • Conclusions: what the results mean
  • Appendix: raw data, graphics

What you will be assessed on

  • Appropriate research report format including the use of headings
  • Logical organisation of information
  • Use of topic sentences
  • Accurate use of tenses
  • Accurate use of passives where appropriate
  • Formal, academic register