Week 6 Task - Short informative article

Word count: 500 words
Model(s): Progressive Skills pp 102 and 103
Due date: Thursday 8th March

What you will be assessed on

  • Research skills and referencing
  • Ability to define and explain an issue, as well as its causes and effects, with supporting facts and examples
  • Ability to offer advice
  • Logical sequencing of the information
  • Use of language to create the appropriate tone/register
  • Variety of sentence structure and accurate use of complex structures
  • Appropriateness and range of vocabulary
  • Submission of a first draft

Things to consider

Upgrading your language

many/some/a lot of > a (large) number of, a range of, several...
maybe > It may be beneficial to... / You could try... / X will probably ...

Checking verb patterns and expressions for dependent prepositions

suffer from sth
have an effect/impact on
affect sb/th (no preposition)
be divided into
the cause of sth
the result of sth
result in sth
reason for sth
be linked to sth
be associated with sth

Use a variety of structures to offer advice

You should / could + 1st form
It is also / may also be a good idea to + 1st form
[Noun phrase/-ing form] can also help (you) to + 1st form