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Assessment Task - Week 8

Task type: Process essay
Word count: 250 words
Draft: n/a - in class practice and homework
Assessment: Thursday 12 January in class - timed essay without dictionaries

What you will be assessed on

  • Ability to analyse and use visual information
  • Ability to structure a process essay in a logical and clear way
  • Use of explanations where appropriate
  • Use of headings, sequencing and discourse markers
  • Accurate use of appropriate language (passive voice)

Watch the following short clip on how to write a process essay:

4 - Process Essay

What is a process essay?
What is the recipe trap?
How is the essay formulated?
What is the thesis and why is it important?

Watch the following video on Describing a Process:

What is the first step to take after looking at the diagram?
Which tense should you use to talk about the process?
What else should you include in your description?
What should your plan look like?
What language is used to signal the stages?
What are the four things to remember when writing your Process Essay?

Wednesday 21st March. Process Essay Part 2.

Tomorrow (Thursday March 22nd) you will be asked to write a timed essay in class of 250 to 300 words. In order to prepare you for this assignment you are going to do some further research into aspects which we have already covered in this unit.

Carbon is all around us. This unique atom is the basic building block of life, and its compounds form solids, liquids, or gases. Carbon helps form the bodies of living organisms; it dissolves in the ocean; mixes in the atmosphere; and can be stored in the crust of the planet. A carbon atom could spend millions of years moving through this complex cycle. The ocean plays the most critical role in regulating Earth's carbon balance, and understanding how the carbon cycle is changing is key to understanding Earth's changing climate.

1. Go to the following links if the video below doesn't work: YOU CAN SKIP THE FIRST MINUTE OF THIS LINK - I JUST WANT YOU TO TAKE NOTES ON THE TWO DIAGRAMS HE SHOWS YOU. T

These short clips are about the carbon cycle, I want you to take notes on this process in order for you in groups to DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN the cycle in class. Make sure you understand EXACTLY how it works. If it is not clear in your mind it will not be clear in your essay. Pay particular attention to the end part of the cartoon version when it talks about carbon and the oceans as well as CO2 and climate change.

2. Go to the following link if the video below doesn't work:

Again, I want you to watch this video to REINFORCE your understanding of the carbon cycle. Refer to the notes you've already made on the carbon cycle and add anything extra you think is important. Pay attention to the ORDER in which the carbon cycle is explained. I also want you to pay attention to the importance of the ocean as concerns carbon and climate change.

3. In groups of 3 I want you to compare your notes and understanding of the carbon cycle. You are going to design a cartoon poster explaining the most important points of the carbon cycle and it's effect on global warming. See me before you begin!