Jonas Eliasson: how to solve traffic jams

watch the lecture and take notes

Kent Larson: brilliant designs to fit more people in every city

watch the lecture and take notes.

What problems are discussed?
How have these problems developed? (causes)
What solutions are described?


Choose one of the following cities to research.
- Copenhagen
- New York
- Beijing
- Mexico City
- Los Angeles
- Paris
- Mumbai
- Hong Kong
- Sydney
- Tokyo
- Sao Paolo
Focus on issues such as population density, transportation, traffic congestion, environmental factors, urban planning, problems, improvements made, proposed solutions, future issues.
Find at least on table, graph or chart which shows relevant information.
You will give a 5 minute powerpoint presentation, which will include your own assessment and proposals for improvements.

What do the following graphs show?

external image Petrol_use_urban_density.svg

external image 22-sol_urban-density-conso_023.jpg
external image unchsurbanstats2011.jpg

The Future of Transport: Discovery Science Documentary - Future Tense Series

1. 30 years from now what will have happened?
2. The new car has more in common with what than an ordinary car?
3. What kind of car is it?
4. How does it work and what does it run on?
5. Iceland generates how much of its domestic power from its natural resources?
6. Iceland could become the first………..society in 20 years.
7. In the long run what else could hydrogen fuel?
8. What is used to control the Maglev?
9. Why is the Maglev not widely used?
10. What is the top speed of the Maglev?
11. What benefits do ‘floating’ trains have?
12. A new era of what is beginning?
13. What are the nicknames of today’s airships?