this week's assessment is a process essay:

Assessment Task - Week 8

Task type: Process essay
Word count: 250-300 words
Draft: n/a - in class practice and homework
Assessment: Thursday October25, 2012 in class - timed essay without dictionaries

What you will be assessed on

  • Ability to analyse and use visual information
  • Ability to structure a process essay in a logical and clear way
  • Use of explanations where appropriate
  • Use of headings, sequencing and discourse markers
  • Accurate use of appropriate language (passive voice)

Watch the following short clip on how to write a process essay:

4 - Process Essay

What is a process essay?
What is the recipe trap?
How is the essay formulated?
What is the thesis and why is it important?

Watch the following video on Describing a Process:

What is the first step to take after looking at the diagram?
Which tense should you use to talk about the process?
What else should you include in your description?
What should your plan look like?
What language is used to signal the stages?
What are the four things to remember when writing your Process Essay?