watch: Richard St. John '8 Secrets of Success'

watch: Alain de Botton ' A Kinder Gentler Philosophy of Success'

watch: Carl Honore 'In Praise of Slowness'

What examples are given of how we're obsessed with speed?
What are some consequences of this?
What personal anecdotes does the speaker give?
What 2 questions did he ask himself?
What is the attitude to time in the West?
How can we break free of this?
What are some advantages of slowing down?
What are some aspects of the 'International Slow Movement'? Choose one to describe in detail.
Why is it hard to slow down?
How has the speaker's life changed as a result of slowing down?

watch: Shane Koyczan 'To This Day'... for the bullied and beautiful

grammar: relative clauses


watch: 'What Most Schools Don't Teach You'


In terms of psychological well-being, which are:

the best/worst jobs
the best/worst companies to work for
the best/worst courses to study
the best/worst places to live
the best/worst lifestyles generally

you will need facts to support the information, which must be referenced.

Practise gradable/non gradable adjectives:

Psychological Profiling

Published on Feb 5, 2013
BBC Inside The Mind Of Adolf Hitler - A Documentary, with dramatised elements, looking at the psychological profile of Adolf Hitler compiled by a team of Harvard psychologists in 1943.The film interviews former colleagues and the former family doctor who had fled to the USA and using Freudian techniques and theories of the day they came up with a profile and predicted how he would react to certain situations, concluding that he would not surrender and would be most likely to commit suicide when faced with defeat.This led to future profiling of many world leaders and dictators.