What you will be assessed on

Task response (content/ideas/visuals)
  • The cohesion of the overall presentation (how it works as a whole)
    - introduction + clear outline + new sections are signalled - conclusion -
  • The ideas are elaborated and explained; examples are used where appropriate
  • Comparison and contrast of the two cultures
  • PowerPoint is used to enhance the presentation and cue cards are used (you are not reading your text)
  • The organisation of the presentation
  • Your ideas and points are clearly signalled
  • Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Use of voice to stress key words and points
  • Use of chunking and pausing for clarity and effect
  • Range, accuracy and appropriate use of vocabulary
  • Variety of sentence structure (e.g. using questions to engage the audience)
  • Correct use of tenses and simple/compound structures
  • use of a variety of structures to compare and contrast
  • Some successful use of complex language