What is academic English?

watch and take notes



Wikpedia: beneath the surface.


What does 'wiki' mean?
Who can contribute to wikipedia?
Why is this a problem?
What are some important characteristics of wikipedia?
What can you find on the discussion page?
What can you find on the history page?
How many active contributors are there?
What is the role of the administrators?
What advice is given about the use of wikipedia?

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

This is a great documentary about/analysis of the power of youtube as a social phenomenon (and there's some music).
It's pretty long, but very enjoyable.

"Presented at the Library of Congress, June 23rd 2008. This was tons of fun to present. I decided to forgo the PowerPoint and instead worked with students to prepare over 40 minutes of video for the 55 minute presentation. This is the result."



Here's a talk from the TED collection. Would people be happier if they had less stuff?

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness